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Thoughts from Beth Cooper Tabakin, Ph.D.

Have you ever wondered how to increase your professional wellness? One of the answers may be as simple as joining and participating in one of the many offerings of professional activities available to you. Please join me and attend this year’s Leadership and Advocacy Day in Sacramento. Meet other psychologist leaders and learn to advocate and educate legislators about issues of our concern.

A secret to success may be as simple as joining your colleagues in MCPA or CPA.

What is the difference between illness and wellness? ‘LLNESS’ is the same in each word, the difference is illness starts with an ‘I’ and wellness starts with a ‘WE’. Hmmmmm I and we……….

I encourage people who have not participated in their local professional associations to do so. The California Psychological Association acts as the voice of psychology in California.

We need you and you need us. Join your colleagues in one of the many MCPA activities such at a social meet and greet, a CEU activity, hike, committee or list serve to name just a few.

This year, I am nominating Dr. Frederick Luskin to receive  the DISTINGUISHED CONTRIBUTION TO PSYCHOLOGY award from CPA which, if he is chosen, will be awarded at this year’s convention in Newport Beach. The Distinguished Contribution to Psychology award honors a psychologist or non-psychologist who has improved the image of psychology by increasing the public’s understanding of the discipline and/or the profession of psychology. This award is open to all Californians and is intended to promote good will and broader understanding of the field. The person nominated might be a writer (both print and electronic), teacher, manager/administrator, health professional, mental health advocate or the like. The important factor is that the public’s understanding and awareness of psychology is increased in some significant way by the nominee’s contribution. If anyone would like to help me write the proposal, please email me at or call (415)2258683.  The proposal is due by December 10th and I would love to have collaborative input (I to WE).

May you be healthy and happy and enjoy this life we are given.

All my best,

Beth Cooper Tabakin, Ph.D.


Individual, Couple, and Family Psychologist

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